We provide everything you need to enhance your public relations and build your media coverage.

We will act as your corporate, charity, or private press office.

If it's public relations or crisis communications advice you want, then we are here 24-7.


If it's a well-crafted press release, campaign assistance or media training, then we can tailor our services to suit your needs. 


We also provide specialised presentation and pitch training. 

Tim Reid
Lead Consultant and Trainer

Tim is a former journalist who still thinks like a journalist. That means he brings with him a wealth of skills which he enjoys passing on so that others can become more media savvy.


Whether it's deciding how best to present your product or organisation to ensure maximum media coverage, how to build your own or your corporate media profile, how to present well and host your own virtual event or how to deal with a broadcast interview or crisis, Tim is always available to help. 

"If you get the opportunity to work with Tim you should grab it; he is incredibly talented at what he does. The progress I made in one afternoon of his pitch presentation coaching was remarkable. And he’s lovely to work with too. I can’t recommend him highly enough."

Shifra Cook, CEO, Particity