A happy client is a rewarding advert for our services

Excellent. Tim made sure he was fully briefed on a complex situation, gave us clear advice and authoritative recommendations, and gave confidence - which in a campaign is crucial - that our case was being presented to great effect. Tim predicted fairly precisely what coverage we would get - and we got it.

Hugh Raven, Managing Director, Ardtornish Estates - Small Hydro Campaign

Highly professional and competent in all aspects of dealing with the media project that we gave instructions on. We as a company could not have been more pleased with the exposure that we received based on the work and support from Tim and his team.

Tim is a very experienced and highly skilled comms professional who helped run our comms team at the Marine Conservation Society during a period in which we were without a Director. From all things to do with press, through interview prep, campaign planning and execution, improving our crisis comms protocols and more to leading the team and helping it grow in confidence and skill, Tim was a huge support to us. I can't recommend Tim highly enough!

His knowledge of media tactics and strategy was a huge asset, which helped us make the absolute most of the great stories our organisation has to tell. Tim's positive approach to every challenge helped ensure it was an absolute pleasure to come into work every day. I can't think of much higher praise than that. 

Jon Bennett, Head of Strategic Communications, ClientEarth

If you get the opportunity to work with Tim you should grab it; he is incredibly talented at what he does. The progress I made in one afternoon of his pitch presentation coaching was remarkable. And he’s lovely to work with too. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Shifra Cook, CEO, Particity