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A happy client is a rewarding advert for our services
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What our clients say...

I couldn't recommend Tim more highly. Not only is he a pleasure to work with, but he knows his craft inside out. Tim coached and guided us with patience and clarity, steering our messaging to get more traction and leveraging his extensive contact list to get us TV, radio, print and online coverage day after day. Great to work with and great results.

Owen Hancock, Regional Vice President, EMEA at Impact

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It's been an absolute pleasure to work with you Tim! You are an outstanding media professional, with the most positive attitude who supported us tremendously on our media engagement. You took our deep technical story and converted it into language that resonates at scale. Your media training has been equally appreciated by the extended team, as it enabled us to become better presenters and spokespersons.
I cannot recommend you more to other technology senior practitioners out there!

Gina Dragulin, VP Marketing at Synthesized

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In the digital age relying on old presentation skills won’t cut it - Tim and  team add and adapt existing skillsets, regardless of experience levels, to great effect. And with a lot of fun along the way!

Michael Moore, Director General of the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association

I left genuinely feeling like I could do an interview the next day if needed (and before it i felt completely underqualified!).

Beth Kühnel Mann,  Research Executive at YouGov

“Tim uses his experience to help you hone your message, develop a framework to deliver consistent and clear comms, and build confidence to perform at a high level across broadcast media. His approach sets people at ease, and the feedback we got from new and established media spokespeople within the SWA was positive across the board.”

Graeme Littlejohn, Director of Strategy and Communications, Scotch Whisky Association

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Tim and Clare's insights in my presentation training were genuinely revelatory. Life lessons I'll not only apply to speaking and presenting, but to other areas as well.

 Leon De Bono, Assistant Director General, British Private Equity & Venture Capital Association 

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Excellent. Tim made sure he was fully briefed on a complex situation, gave us clear advice and authoritative recommendations, and gave confidence - which in a campaign is crucial - that our case was being presented to great effect. Tim predicted fairly precisely what coverage we would get - and we got it.

Hugh Raven, Managing Director, Ardtornish Estates - Small Hydro Campaign

"The benefit of Tim's training is it both helped me to identify my strengths and challenged me to develop my interview style. The building up of different techniques throughout the session is great as it ensured I was learning and developing throughout the session, and the tips and tricks I learnt will be useful not just in media interviews, but when participating in panel discussions, presentations and other interviews.“

Emily R, Senior Exec Media Training client

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If you get the opportunity to work with Tim you should grab it; he is incredibly talented at what he does. The progress I made in one afternoon of his pitch presentation coaching was remarkable. And he’s lovely to work with too. I can’t recommend him highly enough.

Shifra Cook, CEO, Particity

Tim is a very experienced and highly skilled comms professional who helped run our comms team at the Marine Conservation Society during a period in which we were without a Director. From all things to do with press, through interview prep, campaign planning and execution, improving our crisis comms protocols and more to leading the team and helping it grow in confidence and skill, Tim was a huge support to us. I can't recommend Tim highly enough!

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Tim and Clare are simply the perfect duo! Their combined expertise in the field of professional broadcast, presenting and acting really compliment each other and make them exceptional coaches. They are incredibly warm, friendly, and humorous and always make an intense session really enjoyable along with their unique styles and tailed approach. The results speak for themselves.

His knowledge of media tactics and strategy was a huge asset, which helped us make the absolute most of the great stories our organisation has to tell. Tim's positive approach to every challenge helped ensure it was an absolute pleasure to come into work every day. I can't think of much higher praise than that. 

Jon Bennett, Head of Strategic Communications, ClientEarth

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Highly professional and competent in all aspects of dealing with the media project that we gave instructions on. We as a company could not have been more pleased with the exposure that we received based on the work and support from Tim and his team.

The training was really helpful, Tim's explanations and feedback on the interview practices were clear and useful. The follow-up review was a really useful session, going through my first live media interview and taking the time to analyse what went well, and what could be improved in future interviews.

Jemma Conner, Research Manager, YouGov

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I truly enjoyed the media training. I have not had any sort of training like this before and so it was very interesting to learn from Tim. Doing the interviews at the beginning and end of the session was a great way to see how our skills had progressed in that short time with Tim's advice and guidance. I highly recommend this training and feel a lot more comfortable to be in front of media.

Brendan Queiroz, Public Affairs Assistant, Marine Conservation Society

The media training I received from Tim Reid Media was super helpful, especially for me as a technical co-founder.

Denis Borovikov, co-founder and CTO, Synthesized

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The media training session was the most productive and effective morning I have spent in a while. I have rarely been on a training course and actually learnt anything useful, but Tim's session was excellent and I learnt a huge amount. There was absolutely no faff or filler and it was all tailored to the group and our needs. I would highly recommend Tim, particularly if you are nervous about speaking/presenting or being interviewed.

Francesca Bevan, Policy and Advocacy Manager (chemicals), Marine Conservation Society

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